404: Lyndsay Ludden as a Farmer at the Market.

Bringing farm products to the local market.

Lyndsay and her husband Eric started a farm several years ago to raise and grow their own food.  Originally their intent was health related however, as “super foodies” they began realizing how much better everything tastes when they grow and harvest it themselves.  They now have two large gardens, as well as goats, chickens, ducks, turkeys, pigs, and bees.  They offer many different items from their farm including fresh eggs, cheeses, mud scrubs, soap and a special seasoning blend.  Plus you can find her at the Sedona Farmers Market on Sundays.

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In This Podcast:

Lyndsay Ludden and her husband Eric wanted to grow real food. They talked about it all the time. This led them to take the bold step to sell their home in Phoenix and find their perfect property in Cornville, Arizona. On just over two acres of land Lyndsay and Eric built their farm from scratch, beginning with chickens and goats. Having more eggs than they could use led them to the farmer’s market. They’ve been working and adding new animals and gardens to the Hoppy Goat Farm for two years now and feel they’ve made the right choice.

Listen in and learn about:

“We decided to just pull the trigger” 
    • Building a farm from scratch on just over two acres with no previous farming experience 
    • Starting out with goats and chickens  
    • Starting to sell extra eggs at farmer’s market and packaging  and selling the seasoning blend her family has used for years 
    • Developing a following of people who buy their products 
    • Naming their farm The Hoppy Goat Farm because they have goats who hop and her husband grows hops to make his own beer 
    • Making goat milk soap with extra goats milk 
    • Getting to know the folks at the farmer’s market are the most down to earth, good-hearted people who help each other

Producer’s Note:

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As well as: 

Her failure – We’ve been growing six turkeys, feeding organic feed, beautiful birds. We butcher our own birds and slow cool them for a couple days in the fridge. We had three turkeys in the fridge and didn’t check on them for two days. The fridge must have gone out the day we put them in there and there was mold on them and they were rotting.  I cried. 

Her success – Starting! We had a vision and we were driven. Pulling the trigger was our biggest success. 

Her drive – The food. We love to eat. My husband is an amazing chef. 

Her advice – I know so many people stuck in jobs that they hate. Whatever it is that you think about all the time, do it!  

 Lyndsay’s Book recommendations: 

The Omnivore’s Dilemma: A Natural History of Four Meals by Michael Pollan

How to reach Lyndsay: 

Website: thehoppygoatfarm.com

Facebook: thehoppygoatfarm

Twitter:  thehoppygoatfarm

Instagram: thehoppygoatfarm

Email: thehoppygoatfarm@gmail.com


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