561: Frances Parsons on Farming, Fitness, and Finance.

Helping a community find a healthy balance.

In This Podcast:

Food choices, fitness routines, and spending habits can be difficult to manage. However, Frances Parsons has discovered the importance of balancing these key areas and is on a mission to help others embrace those everyday challenges that will better support a healthy life. Listen in to learn about her inspiration behind forming her nonprofit organization, the correlation between health and finances, and how she is broadening horizons for her community at Spaces of Opportunity.

Our Guest:

Frances had a cosmetology license while being a flight attendant with a major airline. Her life was great – she traveled the world doing hair. Then she went to Australia to be with her brother who was dying of cancer during his final months and learned that food could keep you alive or kill you. Changing his diet extended his life a little and her crusade began to learn about healthy food. She moved to Arizona to open a hair salon and chatted with her clients about the importance of eating healthy. She began growing food in her backyard and selling to her neighbors. Connecting the dots of her farming with physical and financial health pushed her to start a nonprofit with a couple friends to teach people in her community how they can grow their own healthy food, be fit, and get financially smart!

Listen in and learn about:

    • What inspired Frances to help others embrace a healthy lifestyle
    • The purpose of Farming Heart
    • The sustainable design for her farming plots
    • What Spaces of Opportunity offers to the community
    • The importance of options for a healthy diet
    • How farming, fitness, and finances are connected

As well as:

Her failure – Failure is a state of mind and should always be perceived as a learning lesson

Her success – Being fortunate to have a strong relationship with both parents

Her drive – Having the opportunity to reach out and help others that supports a wider community

Her advice – “Don’t be afraid to try new things and embrace learning from others.”

Frances’s Book recommendations:         

No Excuses!: The Power of Self-Discipline by Brian Tracy

How to reach Frances:       

Website: www.farmingheart.com


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