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562: Benjamin Page on Interacting with The Earth.

Building a relationship with your soil.

In This Podcast:

In today’s society, we as humans are provided with various ways to virtually connect with each other. However, Benjamin Page, recent author of two books, points out one key area humans lack a connection with: The Earth. Listen in to learn about the importance of building a relationship with earth, Ben’s definition of healthy soil, and why playing in the dirt can support overall human health and wellbeing.
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Our Guest:

Benjamin is a chiropractic physician and avid urban gardener who works in the wellness paradigm. Going beyond spinal care, he uses a holistic approach as he helps his patients return to health by encouraging nutrition through chemical-free food grown in fertile soils, adequate rest, sufficient movement, and the development of proper internal dialogue. Benjamin is the author of The 4 Pillars of Health: Your Health and Well-being Made Simple, and Playing in the Dirt: The key to Sustainable Health. He is also the creator of The Wellness Farmer Podcast and Pastos Verdes Farm YouTube channel, where he shares his journey gardening in his little urban garden.


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