519: Melissa Norris on Feeding A Family.

Growing enough food to provide for a family of four all year.

In This Podcast:

If you had to exist just from the food in your yard, what would you be eating? Melissa Norris would have very few lifestyle changes. She is a professional homesteader who grows and preserves enough fruits, vegetables, and meat on her property to feed her family all year long. Here, she discusses what’s growing in her garden, season extending for longer harvests, planning for a year’s worth of food, the amount of space it takes to feed a family of four, and her new book.

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Our Guest:

519: Melissa Norris on Feeding A FamilyMelissa is a 5th generation homesteader and believes everyone can and should grow some of their own food. She’s the host of the Pioneering Today Podcast and founder of the Pioneering Today Academy where she teaches people how to live a homegrown and homemade life in a modern world.

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