470: David Stark on Soil Microbes.

Getting serious about the microscopic life in soil.

In This Podcast:

Retired after years of leadership in Monsanto, David Stark was asked to mentor a young company making what was essentially compost tea. Reluctantly and with some concerns over the science, he agreed and now is excited to share what he has learned about soil science and plant health. Grateful for not turning down the request, he now can help teach about soil and plant health and explain about the various microbes in the soil and the essential roles they play.

Our Guest:

Dr. Stark is President of Holganix LLC where he leads the company’s efforts to expand its business into agriculture. Dr. Stark spent over 25 years with Monsanto Company where he held various senior leadership roles in technology, corporate affairs and business operations. In 2015 he went to work for Holganix, sells a line of 100% natural bionutritional products for turf, ornamental and agriculture use. The product starts with a proprietary process for making and concentrating a diverse mix of over 800 species of beneficial bacteria, fungi and protozoa. The end result is the most complete mix of Organic beneficial microbes on the market.

Listen in and learn about:

    • Starting out as a scientist working for Monsanto with early gene cloning work in the 1980’s
    • Rising through the ranks with Monsanto
    • Getting invited to mentor with a company
    • Struggling with the ‘snake oil’ science behind soil microbes
    • Important aspects of healthy soil
    • The strong relationship between soil and plants
    • Why plants spend 30% of their energy attracting microbes to their roots
    • What exudates are and what their purposes are
    • One of the biggest areas on naivety at about soil health
    • How easy to dig soil turns into hard ground 
    • Bacteria, fungi, protozoa, mycorrhizae, mycelium, and nitrogen!
    • Holganix and its origin from compost tea
    • Making a concentrated, consistent, and shelf stable compost tea
    • The importance of oxygen in the products
    • Having over 600 species in the solution
    • How they adapt their product for the product climate zone and purpose
    • The differences between the ‘flavors’
    • Applying the product properly
    • The best time to use the products is at planting!
    • How to use as a foliar spray for fruit trees
    • Application for vegetables
    • A Special online discount for listeners code word: PODCAST

As well as:

His failure – not helping customers understand the science aspect of the GMO potatoes

His success – building good relationships with co-workers, employees or customers

His drive – building good relationships with co-workers, employees or customers wants people that are growing things to have tools that really work and cost almost nothing

His advice – Think for yourself, look at the data with an open mind, and don’t sell yourself short.

David’s Book recommendations:          

The case for a creator by Lee Strobel

How to reach David:        

Website: holganix.com

Email: dstark@holganix.com

David’s article on our blog:          

Foliar application of microbial products

Special Offer:

A Special online discount for listeners code word: PODCAST


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  1. Thank you, Farmer Greg for another insightful interesting and relevant podcast! I especially like the fact that you did not edit it Dr Stark’s favorite book! I appreciated hearing from a well educated person that faith in a Creator is possible, reasonable and sound. I LOVE your podcasts!

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