Featured Farmer: Nancy Bailey from Honey Hill Farm

My “farm” consists of 170 square feet of raised beds. We designed the space to have beds arranged in a U-shape with a center raised bed and walkways that make it easy to access all corners of the garden without stepping inside a bed. I affectionately call our garden Honey Hill Farm because my husband and I live at the top of a hill and Honey our beloved dog oversees all activity in and out of the garden.

Newcomers in the Garden in 2016: A Boom or a Bust?

By Anne-Marie Miller. Every year I try to add some newcomers (things I have never grown before) to the garden. In 2016, some were a boom and some were a bust. Find out which ones you might like to add to your garden this spring. I always like to disclose my location up front when I write an article like this because I have often been so excited about something after reading an article, just to find out that the author gardens in Oregon or California.

Raising Rabbits on the Urban Homestead: How My Eleven-Year-Old Taught Me How to be an Entrepreneur

How My Eleven-Year-Old Taught Me How To Be An Entrepreneur
By Anne-Marie Miller. I was perusing the feed store shelves with my kids when we came upon some adorable baby rabbits. After my daughter finished giving each individual rabbit a little love, I commented causally to my 11 year-old son, “I wonder if you could raise rabbits to sell here at the feed store?”