Raising Rabbits on the Urban Homestead: How My Eleven-Year-Old Taught Me How to be an Entrepreneur

How My Eleven-Year-Old Taught Me How To Be An Entrepreneur
By Anne-Marie Miller. I was perusing the feed store shelves with my kids when we came upon some adorable baby rabbits. After my daughter finished giving each individual rabbit a little love, I commented causally to my 11 year-old son, “I wonder if you could raise rabbits to sell here at the feed store?”

The Lowdown on Solar Ovens

By Mary Munoz. This article was written in response to a  question from Traci K: “Months ago I did quite a bit of research on the various solar ovens, but was discouraged by so many reviews from people complaining of the chemical or plastic taste to the food. I decided to hold off on buying one for a while, hoping the issue would be resolved. Was this ever a problem with your Sun Oven?”