395: Karin Fields on Growing Food in the Tropics.

Weathering the challenges of growing food in South Florida.

Karin has over 20 years of vegetable gardening experience in South Florida where she installs backyard edible gardens, gives informative talks on vegetable gardening, and educates people on how to grow their own food. Locally known as the Edible Gardening Gal, she loves giving her gardening talks at libraries all over South Florida.

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In This Podcast:

Growing up and becoming a ward of the state, then becoming emancipated at 17 left a lifelong mark on Karin Fields, so when she started learning how to grow food in one of the most challenging and unique areas of the country, she wanted to help other young girls like her gain those skills too. For twenty years she has been the Edible Gardening Gal and a valuable resource for education about growing food in South Florida.

Listen in and learn about:

    • Started gardening 20 years ago in South Florida in the Tropics
    • How gardening was so unique in the Tropics and require special considerations
    • Some of the changes that growers in the Tropics need to adjust to for success
    • Going to see Michelle Obama and meeting people who changed her mind about “organic”
    • Why “local” is more important that “organic”
    • Using a “whole soil” to get a natural balance and replacing with compost
    • Dealing with dinosaurs that eat up the garden
    • An Epic experience with a children who are amazed with pulling carrots out of the garden
    • Loving Moringa Trees and their benefits
    • Volunteering at the schools, and now getting paid for the education she provides
    • Why she only covers certain things in her book Vegetable Gardening in the Tropics Coming out soon
    • How her personal history of being a ward of the state is directing her focus on teach

As well as:

Her failure – Relying on gardening information that was not appropriate for the Tropics

Her success – Figuring out how to grow in the Tropics and overcoming the wrong messages

Her drive – Wanting to do what worked for herself and working for herself

Books written by Karin:

Edible Gardening in the Tropics

Karin’s Book recommendations:  

All New Square Foot Gardening: The Revolutionary Way to Grow More in Less Space by Mel Bartholomew

How to reach Karin:

Website: TheEdibleGardeningGal.com 


Note: You can also find these books mentioned above at one of our favorite local independent bookstores and have the satisfaction of knowing you are supporting a small business.

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