Tiffany Panaccione

483: Tiffany Panaccione on Starting an Urban Farm Business

Moving from dreaming about it, to doing what it takes to grow a farm. – In This Podcast: How does an having an adventurous spirit, practicing yoga and following your intuition lead someone to start a farm? Listen in to learn how Tiffany Panaccione plans to turn her dream of farming into a profitable…

How to “Level Up” Your Garden by Choosing the Right Seeds

How to “Level Up” Your Garden by Choosing the Right Seeds –by Tayler Jenkins of Urban Farm University. Are you choosing the BEST seeds for your garden? How do you know? Is it because they’re organic, heirloom, or non-GMO? What if I told you that you can grow fruits and veggies even more nutritious, delicious, and resilient than those from your favorite seed catalog… without spending a dime?

424: John Jeavons on Biologically Intensive Gardening & Farming (Part 2)

Plant personalities and crops everyone should grow – This is part 2 of a great interview as we continue our visit with John Jeavons. Part one of this two-part podcast discussed John’s journey into Biologically Intensive Gardening, crop planning strategies, and watering strategies. Today in Part two we…

Bill McDorman and Greg Peterson

Bonus Episode 23: Seed Saving Class November 2018

A chat with a seed expert on the seed paradigm, seed history, and more. There is always a bounty of information available in conversations with Bill McDorman. This is the November 2018 episode of a Seed Saving Class – learn about the seed paradigm, seed history, and so much more.