483: Tiffany Panaccione on Starting an urban Farm Business .

Moving from dreaming about it, to doing what it takes to grow a farm.

In This Podcast:

How does having an adventurous spirit, practicing yoga, and following your intuition lead someone to start a farm? As Tiffany Panaccione learned, those experiences teach you to follow your heart and try new things! Listen in to learn how she plans to turn her dream of farming into a profitable business. She discusses her plans for her first crop, and how she plans to build a customer base. Healthy soil, drip tape, and saving seeds are all part of the strategy she discusses.

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Our Guest:

Tiffany PanaccioneTiff is a Phoenix native with a gypsy soul. Her self healing journey has sailed her around the world and right back home to her roots. With a strong craving and an inner calling to go deep within herself and simultaneously the dirt, she is now listening, learning, discovering, and planning to cultivate the gifts of the Sonoran Desert. After all, she wonders… is it really worth doing the “hard work” if it isn’t your heart’s work? 

Listen in and learn about:

  • How Tiffany used adventure, intuition, and yoga to find the healing power of food and herbs 
  • Starting an Urban Farm Business and all the things to consider 
  • Beginning with 500 Basil plants 
  • Cultivating a sustainable, self-reliant community through local partnerships 
  • Naming her farm and the thought that went into it 
  • Herbalism programs and what you learn from them  
  • The Urban Farm University Coaching Program 
Producer’s Note: This coaching program is still in design stage.
  • Going from an amateur with a dream to an educated person with the right tools ready to farm 
  • How to receive coaching with an open mind 
  • Physical qualities of healthy soil 
  • Her plans of how to plant out basil in Arizona 
  • How drip tape works and the benefits of using it 
  • “Cut and come again” methods with basil and lettuces 
  • Building organic relationships and partnerships with restaurants 
  • Showing up consistently for your customers 
  • Saving seeds from her existing plants for next year’s crops 
  • Using basil medicinally 
  • Self-management and accountability when you are farming  
  • How it’s important to learn NOW to grow your own food instead of waiting  

As well as: 

Her failure –  It happens on a regular basis, but she has found the lessons in her failures. 

Her success – Following her heart and blocking out what society mandates she should do. 

Her drive – The endless amount of things to be learned and done each day. 

Her advice – Unsubscribe from anything that doesn’t align with your heart. 

Tiffany’s Book recommendations: 

Voluntary Simplicity: Toward a Way of Life That Is Outwardly Simple, Inwardly Rich by Duane Elgin

You can Heal Your Life by Louise Hay

How to reach Tiffany: 

Website:  www.littletiffbigworld.com

Instagram: @littletiffbigworld

Email: Tiffany@littletiffbigworld.com


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