Fruit Tree Pruning Class – UPDATED

In Person Fruit Tree Program Pruning Class in Phoenix. Learn the keys to keeping your fruit trees attractive and productive. See the proper techniques for pruning both deciduous and citrus fruit trees. Discover the best ways to improve the health and harvest of your trees and learn about essential pruning information including key facts about proper tools.

523: DaNelle Wolford on Making More with Goats.

523: DaNelle Wolford on Making More with Goats.

Maximizing farm production with a little help from some four-legged friends. – In This Podcast: Even if you live in a city, this podcast with DaNelle Wolford will have you checking your zoning regulations on backyard goats and pigs! Listen in to learn why she loves raising Nigerian Dwarf goats, all about…

466: Shannon McBride on Successful Community Collaboration

Bringing residents, local government, and businesses together to build an epic garden and so much more. — In This Podcast: The area Shannon McBride grew up in had experienced a tumultuous change when the Phoenix light rail was built right down the middle of it. Instead of allowing herself or her neighbors to get angry, she decided to build a collaboration for the area. Building around a vision for a safe, walkable community, she started…