387: Daniel Oladokun-Dybowski on a Casa Grande Community Garden.

Empowering a community by growing food together.

 Daniel is an urban gardener with big hopes of solving major world problems by focusing on his local community. He is an anthropologist and social worker aiming to lift marginalized people up and establish a source of free, healthy food alternatives through the community garden being built in Casa Grande, Arizona.

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Daniel seeks to effectively empower disenfranchised and marginalized people in the community, by teaching those who come to the garden to grow their own food and use the resources around them. He wants to help a target population of children from broken homes, homeless, those suffering from serious mental illness, post-traumatic stress, and the public. 

In This Podcast:

It was his father’s inspiration and legacy that prompted Daniel Oladokun-Dybowski to start a community garden from scratch in a suburb of Phoenix.  The work on the soil has already started after several huge donated loads of wood chips. And with the help of others in the community, he’s going to build a food forest that truly will benefit all that participate.  It is not a simple task, but he’s up to the task of building a solution. 

Listen in and learn about:

    • Getting the inspiration to garden from his father
    • Wanting to uplift others and honor his father’s legacy
    • Getting 45 truckloads of wood chips donated through a dedicated contact
    • Starting the inoculation
    • Rainwater collection
    • Giving and taking freely
    • Teaching himself to graft and wanting to share the knowledge
    • Needing a little help to establish a water line to the property
    • Fundraiser link HERE
    • Working with community and getting donations of palm fronds, wood chips, and much more

As well as:

His failure – Trying to grow fruit trees without a microclimate

His success – His ability to organize, empower and lift people up

His drive – To seek other ways to solve problems

His advice – Stay true to your goals

Daniel’s Book recommendations:

The Logic of Practice by Pierre Bourdieu

Michigan Getting Started Garden Guide: Grow the Best Flowers, Shrubs, Trees, Vines & Groundcovers (Garden Guides) by Melinda Myers

How to reach Daniel:          

Facebook: Casa Grande Garden Group

Email: isascommunitygarden@gmail.com


Note: You can also find these books mentioned above at one of our favorite local independent bookstores and know that you are supporting a small business.

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