543: Audrey Barron on Food and Herbs for Health.

Learning how to use food and herbs as medicine.

In This Podcast:

From her clean food restaurant to her urban farm, Audrey Barron is helping people feel better. Listen in to learn about her journey as a holistic health chef, her philosophy on eating trends, various diets, and how to heal through food. On top of running her restaurant, she also farms her own urban farm using permaculture practices, composting, and involving the community. Audrey shares her knowledge of farming and cooking in her new Medicine Woman program on healing foods.

Our Guest:

543: Audrey Barron on Food and Herbs for Health.Audrey is the creator and owner of Ezra’s Enlightened Café, in Indianapolis, established in 2014 with a focus on plant-based and gluten-free fare made with non-GMO and organic ingredients. Chef Audrey began her journey toward healing in her early 20’s when she was experiencing some significant health issues and was inspired by a family member to try plant-based eating. Eventually opening Ezra’s Enlightenment Café, she is bringing her experience and training into every aspect — from classes and programs to menu items and retail herbs. Audrey has been passionate about herbalism as well. Over the past decade, she trained with herbalists such as Susan Weed, Ron Teeguarden of Dragon Herbs, and Rosita Arvigo.  Audrey is excited to bring her past decade of personal healing, herbalism training, expertise in making healing food, and the love of growing food in a way that nourishes the land. This extends to her newest offering, the Medicine Woman Membership where women are learning to use plants to heal, thrive, and take care of themselves and their families.

Listen in and learn about:

    • Audrey’s health revelation in the early 2000’s
    • Leaving her corporate job to get culinary training in cooking and holistic health
    • The lack of clean food restaurants available in many cities
    • Setting up her restaurant with a unique wholistic view and focus of helping people feel better.
    • Her food philosophy around diets and eating trends
    • Healing using food before you turn to pharmaceuticals
    • Her own urban farm and how they found it and transformed it
    • Involving the community in her farming efforts
    • Permaculture practices that she uses on the farm
    • How they compost 5,000 gallons of plant matter a year
    • Medicine Woman and what it teaches online to people interested in growing food for medicine
    • medicinewoman.love 

As well as:

Her failure – Trial and error that has helped her learn what not to do in both the farm and restaurant.

Her success – Having a natural home birth and the empowerment it brought her.

Her drive – Creating a future for the next generation and her children.

Her advice – Follow what calls to your soul and gives you joy.

Audrey’s post/recipe on our Blog

Goldenrod Butternut Stew

Audrey’s Book recommendation:

Circe by Madeline Miller

How to reach Audrey:

Website:  gaiachef.com

Facebook: Gaia Chef 

Instagram: gaiachef 

You can find Ezra’s Café and more about the farm at www.enlightenedcafe.com
You can find Audrey’s writings, blog and free recipes at www.gaiachef.com
You can learn more about Medicine Woman and Audrey’s other online offerings at www.learnwithgaiachef.com


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