434: Stephanie Lucas on Recipe Delivery for Kids.

Encouraging family bonding, healthy habits & creative confidence for young cooks.

Stephanie Lucas Cooking HeadshotStephanie Lucas grew up as a competitive gymnast where she learned first-hand that the body required the proper fuel to feel good and perform at its peak potential.  Luckily, she was blessed with parents that loved to cook and a grandmother who had a passion for gardening.  It is no surprise that she dedicated her college years to studying human nutrition and her career of planting the seed of proper nutrition with others.   

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After spending 15 years in nutrition operations for hospitals and schools and now the mother of 2 young children and the wife of a busy firefighter, she is deeply dedicated to encouraging families to make healthy choices in their own homes.  As the Executive Director of Give Garden, a recipe delivery service for kids, she launched that dream into reality.

In This Podcast:

Give Garden is a recipe delivery service that teaches kids STEM skills and healthy eating habits. Stephanie Lucas, the program’s creator, used her 15 years as a corporate nutritionist to create this Give Garden to encourage family bonding and build confidence in young cooks. Inadvertently, she is helping community members by creating jobs and using local resources in a new, innovative way. Listen in to learn about the monthly box and how to get a discount on your first one! 

Listen in and learn about:

    • How sports taught her the importance of healthy eating
    • The importance of food in social and emotional connections
    • Parenting to teach healthy food habits
    • What makes Give Garden different from other recipe delivery services
    • Turning cooking into a creative family activity and teaches like a science experiment
    • The huge variety of groups that benefit from the fundraiser aspect of Give Garden
    • What’s in the monthly box
    • The food fundamentals taught and skills developed through their
    • Teaching STEM through cooking
    • The logistics of running a food delivery box service and her innovative way that benefits the community and local school workers. 
    • How they keep the carbon footprint of the boxes eco-friendly
    • Markets where the Give Garden boxes are available


As well as: 

Her failure – Not realizing right away how our differences make us stronger and more balanced.

Her success – Embracing her passion for creating change. 

Her drive – Her passion around food and sharing all that food brings. 

Her advice – Nutrition advice can be contradictory. Instead, focus on including things in your diet that you know have a positive health impact, not what you shouldn’t have. 

Stephanie’s Book recommendations: 

Thirty Million Words: Building a Child’s Brain by Dana Suskind, MD 

How to reach Stephanie : 

Twitter: @mygivegarden 

Facebook: @mygivegarden  

Instagram: @mygivegarden  

Website: www.give.garden 

Special Offer:

$5 off your first Give Garden Box purchase using discount code: UrbanFarm5


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