399: Diann Peart on Living in a Chemically Saturated World.

Changing the role of chemicals in our homes.

Diann has a PhD in Botany-Ecology from Arizona State University.  She lives with her husband, 4 dogs and 8 chickens at their urban farm is nestled in one of the oldest neighborhoods in Tempe, AZ, 4 blocks west of Arizona State University. She is also Principal and Visionary at Truce LLC, a Tempe-based company that manufactures and distributes non-toxic household cleaning, pet, and personal products.

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Truce’s entire product line uses only 14 simple, safe and effective ingredients.  Truce products offer the ability to clean homes, bodies, and pets while avoiding nasty chemicals.
In her spare time, Diann co-founded the community garden across the street from her home where most of the produce harvested is donated to local food banks.

In This Podcast: It was not your typical birthday gift but a small collection of home cleaning products, and they changed Diann Peart’s direction in life.  She found a path that filled her passion and allowed her to truly make a difference. When she realized the products were chemical free, her passion for the environment and her desire to help others took over and she knew these products needed to be brought to market.  She has a special offer for listeners today.



Listen in and learn about:

    • Growing up around agriculture and watching the things change in the world
    • Went back to school and realizing her path was in helping people
    • Transferring your home to a green home involves removing chemicals
    • Receiving the best birthday present ever
    • Taking the chemical free products to the market
    • Suspected health impacts of chemical products
    • Skin is the largest organ of your body
    • A documentary called The Human Experiment
    • Chemicals are considered innocent until proven guilty
    • 80,000 chemicals on the market, but only 8,000 have been tested
    • Local screening in Phoenix planned for early 2019
    • Truce Clean products listed on Environmental Working Group website
    • Why moms and dads need to care
    • The precautionary principle – if there is a chance of harm, don’t do/use it
    • Bio accumulation and what that means
    • People who are making a change in their community are paying attention to what is happening
    • There are a lot of American products that can not be sold in Europe because of the chemicals
    • What is happening with Truce Clean now
    • Truce Clean has a special for our listeners using code “FarmerGreg”
    • Getting their products into stores all over the state and in online stores
    • Dog shampoos and why most products are not helpful

As well as:

  • Her failure – Having a successful business with just a high school education and being expected to expand when she was not ready
  • Her success – Going back to school as an adult and getting her PhD
  • Her drive – The passion for what she is doing and the people she is working with
  • Her advice – Please read the labels of everything you consider buying and use your phone to look up what you don’t understand

Diann’s Book recommendations: 

Silent Spring by Rachel Carson

How to reach Diann:           

Website: TruceClean.com

Email: diann@truceclean.com


Note: You can also find these books mentioned above at one of our favorite local independent bookstores and have the satisfaction of knowing you are supporting a small business.

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