177: Drew Taddia on Reducing Stress and Detoxing Smartly.

Making long lasting changes a little at a time and using a plant-based diet to avoid toxins.

Drew has traveled the world as a professional athlete coming from Canada, working through the US, and overseas into Australia and Germany following his dreams and passion of baseball.  He quickly became the ‘go to’ guy regarding fitness and nutrition as he continually experimented on his own body to find out what foods would help him recover quicker or build muscle more efficiently, and how to exercise to help him jump higher, run faster, and help him stand out on the field.
He soon found out stress played a vital role in what he was putting both in and on his body. He learned that by reducing stress through a plant based diet and avoiding toxins both on and off the field, he could improve as an athlete and stand out from the competition.
Using what he learned, Drew wrote the best-selling book Detoxify Yourself, which is a 30-day plant-based meal plan teaching readers how to avoid toxins, chose foods to help heal and recover, and how to prepare the meals with recipes and grocery lists.  Concerned about the toxins on the market in conventional protein supplements, he designed his own plant based protein powder made with quinoa and hemp hearts. Drew has also been on air for 5 years as a radio host (96.5 ckfm) where he interviews world renowned experts in health, fitness, nutrition, lifestyle and more.

In this podcast: Greg interviews health and fitness advocate and radio show host Drew Taddia, and they talk about the importance of reducing stress and making sustainable lifestyle changes that work. Drew teaches about using a different mindset when making lifestyle changes, and how that can be the difference in succeeding or failing. He tackles health and fitness in three areas of nutrition, exercise and environment and explains how to keep it from becoming overwhelming.  “If you never start, you’re never going to get anywhere

Listen in and learn about:

  • Growing up with a dream to play sports
  • Landing in California and learning he was not good enough
  • How he was not satisfied with that and his focus on getting better through improving his body
  • Changing plans and helping others through health and fitness advocacy
  • The three areas of improvement reducing stress, lifestyle detox and sustainable lifestyle changes
  • Lifestyle adjustments and how addressing the stress in our lives can make a big change,
  • Reducing stress through – nutrition, exercise, and environment
  • Stress in our different environments and how we have become used to it
  • Stress in our foods and what and how we eat adds to the toxins and stress in our bodies
  • “Start finding food that is the ingredient, instead of the one that has ingredients”
  • “Start counting the colors in our foods instead of the calories!”
  • How a detox adds stress through our state of mind
  • Why traditional detoxes don’t work
  • Why he does not recommend taking away things, and instead recommends adding something instead
  • Why he encourages and teaches about plant based diets
  • His morning routine including smoothies of cilantro, parsley, mint, ginger, cucumber, and lemon
  • Some more recipes and suggestions how to add energy to your day
  • His challenge to do 5 minutes of ab work every day starting now
  • Pick one thing to change!
  • “if you never start, then you’re never going to get anywhere”

As well as:

  • His failure – the time he developed a whole food plant-based protein supplement with a base of quinoa and hemp seeds and drove 8 hours to get a trade show, and only made one sale.
  • His success – his radio show and how it has developed from a short 15-minute local show and is now nationally syndicated and on five radio stations across Canada
  • His drive – The excitement of experiences, helping people, getting positive feedback from listeners that are making changes, making relationships with clients that become friends
  • His advice – You can make changes, it is possible, try not to reinvent the wheel, choose one thing, and keep moving forward.

Drew’s Book recommendations:     

The ONE Thing: The Surprisingly Simple Truth Behind Extraordinary Results by Gary Keller (producer’s note: Drew’s description of this book just put it on my must-have list)

Drew’s membership program:

    • The motivation behind it and how he developed the program
    • What is included: weekly meal plans with recipes and shopping lists, weekly fitness routines of 20 minutes or less workouts that can be done at home and do not require equipment, group support that help keep the motivation and encouragement

How to reach Drew:  

Website: trueformlife.com

Free 10-day fitness challenge: trueformlife.com/drew-approved-10-day-challenge/


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