577: Quita Jackson on Off-Grid Container Homes

Building small homes using thrifty resources. Our ancestors were the pioneers of the past that lived off the land and as society advanced, so did our way of life. Currently, we are living life unsustainably and creating waste along the way. However, Quita Jackson had a vision to revert back to living like the mothers before her and…

473: Kevin Espiritu on Small-Space Urban Gardens

Expanded growing options through hydroponics. — In This Podcast: When Kevin Espiritu started gardening he quickly became interested in hydroponics, and as he tried to learn how, he found that most articles and books were focused on only one well-known plant and he wanted to grow food. He started documenting his …

Raymond Jess Grow Buckets: basket in bottom

Grow Buckets

Several years ago, I started my adventure with wicking garden beds. I found the concept powerful and wondered, how can I use this concept in a different way? I consulted the internet and found a few good ideas, but not quite what I wanted. I needed something I thought might stand up to the unrelenting summer heat of Phoenix, Arizona and produce a nice vegetable harvest. I came up with this design of a grow bucket.