569: Angeline Young about Starting from Scratch.

Creating a garden with little money, space, or experience.

In This Podcast:

Many people believe gardening requires money, experience, and a yard with ample space. However, Angeline Young has been an urban apartment dweller most her life and recently, she put herself to the challenge while adding creativity to her limited space. Listen in to learn about Angeline’s trials and errors through her recent gardening quest, her upcycled watering and planting systems, as well as how to naturally eliminate pests and build healthy soil.

Our Guest:

Angeline is a dancer and scholar from San Francisco, California. She is currently completing her PhD in Comparative Cultures and Languages at Arizona State University. Her research focuses on the Chinese community in Rome, Italy. In her spare time, Angeline has started a small container garden. Her “garden” is an 8×6-foot balcony in a large apartment complex. Using grow pots, milk cartons, and recycled plastic containers, she is cultivating her green thumb.

Listen in and learn about:

    • What pushed her to start a garden
    • How gardening improves self-care
    • Where to find inexpensive gardening resources
    • The importance of starting small
    • What was her biggest rookie mistake
    • The small gardening successes that are empowering for beginners
    • What does Angeline use as a natural insecticide
    • How to make compost tea
    • What is Bacillus Terinsantus
    • Why healthy soil has less pests
    • How to tell when your plants are not fully pollinating

As well as:

Her failure – When she purchased soil with synthetic fertilizers

Her success – Learning to build her own soil

Her drive – Gardening gives her a reason to get up in the morning

Her advice – “Start small, be patient, and don’t skimp on the soil.”

Angeline’s Book recommendation:      

Hands of Light: A Guide to Healing Through the Human Energy Field by Barbara Ann Brennan

How to reach Angeline:     

Email: ayoung17@asu.edu


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