539: Bryan Kappa on ChipDrop.

Bringing green waste to your driveway.

In This Podcast:

Organic matter builds soil, and Bryan Kappa has a free service that allows nationwide users to quickly build the quality of their soil. Learn about ChipDrop, the program that connects gardeners with tree companies and benefits everyone. Not all mulch is created equal, and you’ll learn the difference in mulch options, how to properly wood chip your yard and improve your soil Ph. There are some exciting improvements coming to ChipDrop, as well as creative ways to use it!

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Our Guest:

539: Bryan Kappa on ChipDrop.Bryan is a Portland native who combined his love of trees and technology into the ChipDrop web service.  While hauling brush for a local tree company he realized the potential cost savings of delivering the freshly chipped trees to neighbors and homeowners, as opposed to driving long distances to the dump (and paying their fees).  He also knew that people loved free things. Bryan has a history of creating life hacks to combine urban living with environmental sustainability.  In 2014 he was granted permission by the Portland Water Bureau to keep 2 goats and a pig on a small lot in North Portland to help clear brush and Ivy without the use of pesticides.  He and his roommates kept a composting toilet in his residential North Portland home, only a mile from downtown.  In his spare time he serves on the board as a technical lead for Cascadia Wild, helping build and maintain their database of images of rare and threatened species in the Pacific Northwest wilderness.


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