538: Erin Douglas on Sustainable Farming in Ghana.

Supporting a teaching farm in Africa.

In This Podcast:

Some people know their mission from a young age. Others, like Erin Douglas, find their direction as they go. With a desire to travel as her guide, Erin left her corporate job and traveled through Africa. An epic moment in Ghana inspired this novice farmer to create a non-profit farm that feeds residents, provides jobs, funds education, and supports an orphanage. Erin shares how she created a sustainable community model that could benefit societies all over the world.

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Our Guest:

538: Erin Douglas on Sustainable Farming in Ghana.Erin is the founder of US non-profit Learn Grow Lead and helped birth a sustainable farm project in Ghana, Africa to support the local community. The Helper’s Farm, is an organic, community teaching farm that works in partnership with local agriculture school programs to encourage farmers to farm naturally, without the use of pesticides, transitioning farms in the surrounding communities to a healthier environment and a healthier food system.


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