511: Angela Judd on Inspiring Gardeners to Grow.

Sharing good gardening information with others.

In This Podcast:

Gardening in a new climate can pose challenges; however, Angela Judd did not let it stop her from becoming an inspirational gardener who regularly contributes to area publications. She reviews the classes and resources she used to take her from novice to knowledgable, and some of the things that make her hot climate garden successful in providing food for her family and friends. Planting times, soil, involving your kids, and trial and error are all part of her success story. Don’t Miss an Episode!! Click HERE to sign up for regular podcast updates

Our Guest:

511: Angela Judd on Inspiring Gardeners to Grow.Angela is an avid vegetable, flower, and fruit tree gardener. As a mother of five, she enjoys growing and preparing food from the garden for her family. She shares inspiration and tips on her blog GrowingInTheGarden.com and other social channels to help home gardeners successfully grow their own garden. As a certified Master Gardener, Angela has been featured in Phoenix Home & Garden, San Diego Home/Garden, Edible Phoenix, Family Fun, Burpee.com, and is a regular contributor to Master Gardener publications. Her articles and videos are can be found in several well-known online publications including Better Homes & Gardens, Gardeners.com and GardeningKnowHow.com.

Listen in and learn about:

    • Becoming a Master Gardener and the opportunities it offers
    • Square foot gardening with success in hot climates
    • How success in gardening looks different from year to year
    • Inspiring a garden and fruit tree in every yard by sharing what you learn
    • The importance of timing and soil when growing in different climates
    • Long term benefits of organic gardening
    • Letting nature take care of things and help you be successful
    • Involving your kids in the garden
    • Trial in error when gardening, and the benefits of killing a few plants along the way
    • Your local county extension office and what they offer

As well as:

Her failure – Onions have been a challenge, and she’s still using trial and error with those.

Her success – Her family and the love they have for each other.

Her drive – trying to provide good information for people who were once starting out like she was.

Her advice – Find something you love and are passionate about, learn, and then share your knowledge

Angela’s Book recommendations*: 

Atomic Habits” by James Clear 

How to reach Angela:

Website: growinginthegarden.com 

Facebook: GrowingintheGarden 

Instagram: growing.in.the.garden 


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