510: David Tyda about Food Festivals.

Promoting the local food scene and building the local food community in an accessible, affordable, and original way.

In This Podcast:

Food brings people together, and David Tyda specializes in creating events and festivals that build relationships between local restaurants and the community. If you’ve ever wondered how food festivals become a reality or considered starting your own, listen in to learn how he creates affordable events for 10,000 people! David shares things he considers, ways to maximize the event space and infrastructure, and how he makes fun, original events that people attend year after year! Don’t Miss an Episode!! Click HERE to sign up for regular podcast updates

Our Guest:

510: David Tyda about Food Festivals.David is always busy, which is why he requires so many calories to pull off all the projects he has going on. 10 years ago, he co-created the Arizona Taco Festival – which was the first taco festival in the world. Now there are over 200 of them! Over the years he’s created many food festivals, including the Annual Phoenix Pizza Festival and Downtown Donut Festival. If you are in Phoenix this spring, catch his 2nd FRIED, A French Fry & Music Festival. David prides himself on two things: making sure every event is original – he despises copycats; and making sure the events are inclusive – he’s not a fan of high-ticket price events. Having moved on from the Taco Festival, he is opening an agave bar in Downtown Phoenix to help keep him connected to the “taco lifestyle” he so identifies with.

Listen in and learn about:

    • Putting on affordable food events and festivals
    • Things to consider when putting on a food event
    • Successive events that highlight different food groups and reuse the infrastructure of the event
    • Supporting local restaurants through food festivals
    • His vision for a bar that brings in taco trucks so that people can experience food from different parts of town without traveling
    • The upcoming FRIED, A French Fry & Music Festival.

As well as:

His failure – There are times when failure happens that you have to own, even when you didn’t directly fail. It was still a result from your choices, because you entrusted them.

His success – Keeping relationships and building a network.

His drive – Striving to be original and creative

His advice – Identify your occupational hazards, and figure out how to find balance with it to take care of yourself.

David’s Book recommendations*: 

Release Your Brakes” by James Newman 

How to reach David:

Website: phxfest.com 

Instagram: Totallytyda


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