357: Alex Lewin on Fermentation of Foods.

Transforming food with healthy microbes.

Alex grew up on the East Coast where he discovered that one of his gifts is the ability to co-exist side-by-side with friendly bacteria.  While others struggle with it, Alex embraces them.  As a graduate of Harvard, the Cambridge School of Culinary Arts, and the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, he seeks to create a healthier and tastier world by spreading the good news about fermentation and real food.

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Alex is the co-author of “Kombucha, Kefir, and Beyond” and the author of “Real Food Fermentation: Preserving Whole Fresh Food with Live Cultures in Your Home Kitchen“.  

In This Podcast:

Wanting to know more about healthy eating after his father got sick, Alex Lewin did lots of reading, studying, testing, and research. He narrowed his focus to real foods and transforming food with healthy microbes. Eventually he was quite skilled at fermentation and has enjoyed helping others get excited about this preservation process. He shares with us why this healthy option is worth learning about.


Listen in and learn about:

    • The confusion about eating healthy
    • Learning about kimchi
    • Putting all the research together and getting to where he is now
    • Finding a healthy balance in our bodies
    • Bio individuality and what that is
    • Being invited to write a book on real food fermentation
    • His definition of real food
    • Avoiding the pitfalls of fermenting with bad microbes
    • Good starting points for fermentation
    • Different methods and kinds of food transformation
    • Taking individual gut health into consideration
    • Comparing fermentation to canning
    • Is this a fad? Why this has been around for a while
    • Getting started as a beginner

As well as:

His failure – Trying to get people to understand when they were not ready

His success – Getting his book published

His drive – Wanting to help people become experts on themselves

His advice – Don’t be afraid of the kitchen and be ready to play – and become an expert on yourself

Books written by Alex:

Alex’s Book recommendations:    

Ishmael by Daniel Quinn

Alex’s Other Guest Appearance:

362: Alex Lewin on Kombucha and Fermented Drinks

How to reach Alex: 

Website: feedmelikeyoumeanit.com


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