356: Jourdain Beltran on Re-purposing Unwanted Land.

Making the most of discarded plots for farming and community gardens.

Jourdain is an Arizona native who started gardening by growing jalapeño plants with his grandfather. He is the co-founder of Urban Farming Organics, who are looking to overcome the food desert crisis in Arizona. Their mission is a “fresh off the vine” concept to make nutrient dense produce easily accessible to Phoenix locals. Part of that is working with local youth helping this next generation learn good, healthy, eating habits.

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Early on they saw the potential of vacant land as space for small gardens, specifically to help local residents to get fresh food with higher nutritional value. UFO is working to find local vacant or unused land by contacting the owners to start re-purposing the land for farming or community gardening.

In This Podcast:

He did not finish college, but that has not stopped Jourdain Beltran from pursuing knowledge and growing healthy food. He found a great business partner and together they are improving access to healthy food in local food deserts. They are also tackling the problem of healthy eating by teaching the youth in these areas about where good food comes from and starting good habits early!

Listen in and learn about:

    • Brainstorming with his friend to supply nutrient dense food to food deserts in his valley
    • Why they are targeting the youth to help inform with better food options
    • What a food desert is and what food is available in some areas
    • Breaking down what a food desert is and how they are tackling this issue
    • Trying to help everyone feel comfortable shopping for organic, healthy food
    • Helping the youth set up new healthy habits
    • Optimizing the pH levels of our bodies
    • Insects and plants – how this interaction affects the body
    • Learning styles and how this is different between him and his partner
    • Their “backyard” greenhouse
    • Exchanging information with the first group of six graders he taught

As well as:

His failure – not completing his education

His success – teaming up with Sowan on Urban Farming Organics

His drive – To learn and have experiences every day and have a fulfilled life

His advice – Take good criticism and try to improve, take negative criticism with a grain of salt – never give up!

Jourdain’s resource recommendations:        

Podcasts like The Urban Farm Podcast and Joe Rogan’s Podcast

How to reach Jourdain:      

Website: UrbanFarmingOrganics.com

Facebook: J-filla Onez and Urban Farming Organics


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