349: Jennifer Johnson on Eco Conscious Cooking.

Building healthy bodies and minds through good nutrition.

Jennifer became a Chef 23 years ago after her son told her he hated her cooking in a Mother’s Day Card.  At the time she managed seven manufacturing facilities around the world in Corporate America; now she is a full-time Eco Conscious Organic Chef with a passion to help people learn that health is wealth and it is not limited to those who can afford it.

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She uses distinct ingredients, organically grown, and cleanly made in all aspects of her business:  catering, meal plans, food prep, cooking and food education. Chef Jennifer’s style of cooking is a French and Italian Fusion influence on American Food, using her international training to make quick nutritious meals.  She will tell you Good Nutritious Food empowers you to have your best day!  

In This Podcast:

After getting a card from her youngest child and he said that he loved her but not her cooking, Jennifer Johnson set out to change that. She eventually became a Chef and now focuses on cooking healthy and nutritious food, as well as teaching others how to make those selections for their own dishes.  She shares some of her secrets with us in this podcast.


Listen in and learn about:

    • Getting over being told she was not a good cook by her son
    • Learning how to grow food
    • Changing over from engineering to cooking as a profession
    • Learning how to cook as a family
    • Why her food selections are all organic
    • Eating healthy food and losing weight
    • Nutrition in fresh food
    • Useful apps to help you chose healthier food
    • Monterrey bay aquarium seafood selector app
    • Dirty Dozen Clean 15
    • Her catering business as well as classes she teaches
    • A few standout experiences
    • Some of her favorite foods
    • Her shrimp taco recipe that she sent us
    • How individuals can have different results with the same foods

As well as:

Her failure – hurting herself and stopping exercising, thereby gaining weight

Her success – figuring out she really wanted to do (EPIC call out!)

Her drive – making a difference every day and teaching people not be driven by marketing messages about nutrition

Her advice – Its never too late to change

Jennifer’s Book recommendations:         

Outwitting the Devil: The Secret to Freedom and Success by Napoleon Hill

How to reach Jennifer:       

Website: witnessingnature.net

Facebook: @WitnessingNature

Twitter: @witnessingnatur


This episode was sponsored by The Food Revolution Summit. Visit www.urbanfarm.org/summit to learn more.


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