343: Ocean Robbins on the 2018 Food Revolution Summit.

Spreading the word about healthy and sustainable eating.

Ocean is the CEO, Co-founder and Co-host of the 450,000+ member Food Revolution Network, and the co-host of the Food Revolution Summit since it started in 2012.  He has facilitated more than 50 week-long gatherings and 100 day-long workshops for leaders worldwide.  He is the co-author of Choices For Our Future and The Power of Partnership, along with the most recently released Voices of the Food Revolution: You can heal your body, and your world, with food

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The annual Food Revolution Summit has already reached 800,000 people; teaching what’s really going on with our food, and presenting information to help us take action for our health, and for a more ethical and sustainable world. The 2018 Summit will take place April 28-May 6 this year, featuring John and Ocean Robbins interviewing 24 of the world’s top food experts.

In This Podcast:  

It is easy to notice the conviction of purpose as we hear an update from Ocean Robbins about the principles behind this year’s Food Revolution Summit. He also shares some news about some dietary trends, how food system and food choice awareness is making a difference in many parts of the world. Visit www.urbanfarm.org/summit for more details

Listen in and learn about:

  • Good news and bad news
  • The bad new about our toxic food culture
  • The good news about what people are doing
  • Changes in diet that are being seen around the world
  • How these changes are affecting some businesses
  • What people are demanding from their food suppliers
  • How the different stage of life is reflected in our food choice
  • What the “blue zones” are in the world and why it is a good place to live
  • Finding what works
  • Who the summit is designed for

“The path of least resistance is the fast track to suffering and disease and even death”

  • How to start a path to healthier eating

“Your taste buds can actually change when you cultivate a love of foods that love you back”

  • The chicken farmer who inspired Ocean
  • Seeing results in many places
  • Glyphosate in use today beyond GMO crops
  • How the summit works
  • Some of the topics that going to be covered

As well as:

  • His advice – Get informed, your life depends on it

How to find out more about the Summit:          



This episode was sponsored by The Food Revolution Summit. Visit www.urbanfarm.org/summit to support our show and learn more.


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