The Food Revolution Summit

The annual Food Revolution Summit has already reached 800,000 people; teaching what’s really going on with our food, presenting information to help us take action for our health, creating a more ethical and sustainable world. The 2018 online summit took place April 28th thru May 6th year, featuring John and Ocean Robbins interviewing 24 of the world’s top food experts. The Summit shares about food and health in a way that The Urban Farm completely supports. They are still prepping for this year’s event, however you can still access last’s years summit information by clicking this button…

Podcast episode 420:

Ocean Robbins on The 31 Day Food Revolution.

Changing the way we eat, one month at a time.

– – – –

In This Podcast: Food revolutionary and visionary Ocean Robbins shares a healthy eating program that can work for anyone in just 31 days. Breaking down his plan into four sections, he helps simplify the process. He also discusses some of the major factors that lead to unhealthy eating, and offers some ideas on how to get people you care about engaged in a healthy eating discussion.

Podcast Episode 343:

Ocean Robbins On The 2018 Food Revolution Summit.

Spreading the word about healthy and sustainable eating.

– – – –

In This Podcast: It is easy to notice the conviction of purpose as we hear an update from Ocean Robbins about the principles behind the 2018 Food Revolution Summit. He also shares some news about some dietary trends, how food system and food choice awareness is making a difference in many parts of the world.

Podcast Episode 172:

Ocean Robbins On Changing Our Food Future

Finding the motivation to make changes in our diets.

– – – –

In This Podcast:  Greg chats with Ocean Robbins of the Food Revolution Network to talk about changing our food future and how important it is to make a change in today’s diets.  Starting at a very young age, Ocean had been motivated and inspired to help others eat better for their own health.  Now as an adult and father, his drive has only grown stronger and deeper to spread a message of education on the food choices being made today.

 Podcast episode 221:

Ocean Robbins on The Food Revolution Summit.

Finding a path of health, hope, & possibility through better food choices.

– – – –

 This is a special podcast interview with food activist Ocean Robbins about his Food Revolution Summit which took place April 29 to May 7, 2017.