216: Emiley Kight on Loving Natural Foods.

Making little changes towards more real foods and feeling better.

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Emiley Kight Emiley has always loved food, and wanting to share this passion she dove into a Culinology® degree to explore a role as an R&D chef at SW Minnesota State University. That was until her mom became sick and she put her career on hold to act as her mom’s caretaker throughout her treatment for multiple myeloma cancer.
To her surprise, the doctors provided little information on what to eat as a cancer patient, and so Emiley started doing her own research on the effects that food have on chronic disease. Through trial and error in the kitchen, she discovered how whole plants can be used to combat side effects of medication, create pleasure by surprising and challenging your taste buds, and help your body work as efficiently as possible. Completely changing her mother’s eating habits (as well as her own) helped her develop a brand-new love affair with foods in their natural state. Now, she is devoted to sharing her story and this information with others to inspire anyone who eats, to fall in love with food again.

In This Podcast: 

A chance meeting at the Farmers Market connected Greg to Emiley Kight, a Nutrition Consultant who tells about how she helps people to make little changes and enjoy natural foods.  She explains about how her focus on food was taking her towards the kitchens of large food corporations until her mom’s illness and the realization that real food information and options were not included in recovery discussions and she decided to work on changing that.

Listen in and learn about:

  • Her study of Culinology, her career plan, and what interrupted her this path
  • Why she was interested in learning about food choices for her mom during her recovery
  • What she figured out about processed food and how it related to how they felt
  • What a food scientist is and what their roles are in corporations
  • What happens to food to make it “foodstuff
  • Her definition of “real food”
  • How knowing the source of your food can make a difference
  • Why processed food is a problem
  • Why experimentation is part of learning what works
  • Her recommendation for keeping a food diary and why
  • The connections she is making with natural foods and health issues
  • Why it is so much more important for millennials to make changes towards eating more natural foods
  • Why the food corporation’s goal is not always the best goal for the consumer
  • Her recommendation for where to shop for meats and plant-based foods
  • How to know what to eat for you as an individual
  • How doctors can help you by monitoring your blood work
  • Trying new foods and even ones that were not favorites in the past

As well as:

  • Her failure – making recipes for her clients that does not go over well and learning to stay courageous to come back from that
  • Her success – Working with her mom to develop recipes and improve her eating so that she loves her food again
  • Her drive – food; real food is delicious and helping others learn about the joy of eating
  • Her advice – Eat as much plants and real food as possible

Emiley’s Book recommendations:   

Michael Pollen – In Defense of Food: An Eater’s Manifesto

Marion Nestle – What to Eat

How to reach Emiley:

Email: emiley@eatrightbykight.com



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