217: Sine Lindholm on an Urban Farming ‘Growroom’.

Creating and sharing an open-sourced growing sphere to create poetic spaces.

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Sine LindholmSine is from Denmark and has a degree in architecture from Aarhus School of Architecture along with an emphasis on psychology. This shows in her projects where she is combining the two, with her main focus on the theoretical and abstract part of architecture.
She grew up on an organic farm with milking cows, however she had never worked with agriculture or urban farming before, until she won an architecture competition together with architect and carpenter Mads-Ulrik Husum. They had designed an Urban Farming pavilion, which received great attention that led to the further development of the project. They teamed up with SPACE10, a future living-lab, where they developed and released an open source design of their pavilion. 

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Together they started the company Husum & Lindholm, where for the moment they primarily focus on further development of combining architecture with gardening. On the basis of a spatial experimentation with the Urban Farming concept, they strive towards creating architecture where atmosphere and sensuousness – acts as the primary design factors.  Their goal – to generate poetic spaces where a symbiotic relationship with vegetation arises.

Greg sought out this interview with Sine Lindholm after seeing an article about a gorgeous growing sphere design and so today she tells us about the inspiration behind the design.  Sine also explains why they hope an open-sourced design will encourage others to improve on their model.

Listen in and learn about:

  • Her path that had nothing to do with urban farming and how she found herself working in a direction of urban agriculture
  • The competition that gave her a chance to try building with agriculture/urban farming in mind
  • Working with SPACE10 to develop new ideas
  • What the Grow Room, growing sphere looks like
  • The design that is easy to transportBiosphere 1
  • Her goals for people to add their own special touch and make each one unique
  • What an architect can contribute to the urban farming movementBiosphere pic 3
  • Why it is important to combine different disciplines like agriculture and architecture
  • Other ideas they are working on incorporating into the designBiosphere pic 2
  • The Maker Movement and what is taking place in places around the world
  • The goal and purpose of their company

As well as:

  • Her failure – stopping her pursuit of psychology and feeling like a failure
  • Her success – Not following society’s expectations and instead trying to do what she wanted to do and do her own work
  • Her drive – To klineep on developing herself
  • Her advice – If you have a motivation then never stop working for it

Sine’s Book recommendations:       

Losing Site: Architecture, Memory and Place (Ashgate Studies in Architecture) by Shelley Hornstein

How to reach Sine:   

Website: www.husumlindholm.com

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