541: Trevor Williams on Farming Podcasts.

Bridging the gap between farmers and consumers.

In This Podcast:

Want more info on what it takes to be a farmer? Trevor Williams of the Farm Traveler Podcast interviews farmers about their day to day life and processes. Listen in to learn about becoming educated on where your food comes from, some of Trevor’s epic guests, and some of the innovative things people are doing in the farming industry. He also shares what it’s like to single-handedly produce a podcast and his goals and vision for the future of his show.

Our Guest:

541: Trevor Williams on Farming Podcasts.Trevor is a former High School Agriscience teacher now software analyst and host of the podcast Farm Traveler. He graduated with a major in Agricultural Education and Communication and a minor in Environmental Horticulture from the University of Florida and is a former Florida Future Farmers of America State Officer. Trevor taught agriscience classes for two years in Daytona Beach, FL and helped direct a career academy focused on Horticulture and Aquaculture.
After two years he moved closer to home and, in order to stay involved in agriculture while working as a software analyst, he started Farm Traveler in 2016 with the motivation and editorial expertise of his wife Allie. As host and producer of the Farm Traveler Podcast, he pretty much does it all to make it work.

Listen in and learn about:

    • The Farm Traveler Podcast and blog
    • Becoming educated about where your food comes from
    • What farmers are sharing on social media about their processes
    • Trevor’s most epic podcast guests so far
    • Aquaculture and how it allows you to sustainably grow protein and produce
    • Ed Williams and the LEHR garden that combines aquaculture and soil
    • Gotham Greens and the cool things they are doing
    • Producing a podcast show on your own and his future vision

As well as:

His failure – Failing to properly prepare for an event.

His success – Rebranding a career academy.

His drive – Self-improvement and bettering your world.

His advice – Don’t compare yourself, judge yourself on if you are better than you were yesterday.

Trevor’s Book recommendation: 

The Way I Heard It by Mike Rowe 

How to reach Trevor:

Website: thefarmtraveler.com 

Facebook:  Farm Traveler

Instagram: Farm_Traveler 

Twitter: @TheFarmTraveler


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