534: Catherine Crowley on Her Favorite Herbs.

Growing most anything you want to in a Desert Garden.

In This Podcast:

Herbs are a wonderful way to begin gardening and get a lot of bang for your buck! Catherine Crowley, or “The Herb Lady” as many people know her, shares some of her favorite, unique plants to grow and how she uses them. This episode will help you plan your garden like an experienced gardener. Catherine highlights her experiences and thoughts about sun orientation, plant height, light needs, and other considerations so your plants and herbs will thrive!

Our Guest:

534: Catherine Crowley on Her Favorite Herbs.CatherineThe Herb Lady“, is an expert in edible landscaping in the desert, an author, and a lecturer.  She has been gardening for over 3 decades, initially focusing on just culinary herbs.  Then her garden journey expanded to growing anything she ate or drank as a base for experimenting with new-to-her and common edible herbs, vegetables, fruits, and flowers.
These days Catherine blogs and writes on gardening and cooking with the garden bounty she harvests from her garden and community.

Listen in and learn about:

    • Saving money by growing herbs
    • I’itoi onions
    • Her most popular and unique items at farmers markets
    • Preserving and fermenting Limequats
    • Roselle Hibiscus calyx and how to use them
    • Her most surprising garden success
    • Flower mulching to combat hot temperatures
    • Planting in pots in the desert
    • Figuring out where plants will thrive in your yard
    • Observing the sun orientation through the year and orienting your plants properly
    • Considering plant height and light needs when planning your garden
    • The essential herbs for a garden

As well as:

Her childhood memory – Family meals together on Sundays and her mother’s stories about growing up on a farm.

Her advice – Pay attention to the sun orientation and don’t forget to mulch!

Books written by Catherine*:

“Edible Landscaping in the Desert Southwest: Wheelbarrow to Plate”

“101+ Recipes from The Herb Lady”

“Edible Landscaping a Month-By-Month Calendar Desert Southwest & USDA Zone 9b”

“A Victorian Style Herb-Inspired 12 Course Dinner from The Herb Lady”

How to reach Catherine:

June 16th 2021 Producer’s Note: We have been informed that Catherine has moved her gardening activities to the next realm. We will miss her presence in so many places. She has a wealth of information on her website and social media that is still available for the time being. Please be sure to take note of it while it’s still within reach. If you gained any inspiration from her work, please post a comment below. 

Website: herbs2u.net 

Facebook: Catherine, The Herb Lady and Herbs 2 U 

Twitter: @TheHerbLady

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  1. Catherine
    She was teaching us how to learn to grow herbs in the desert that be pretty interesting learn how festivals and herbs. I would like to meet that person sometime learn how to do stuff like that.

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