526: Darren Chapman on Inner City Urban Farming.

Moving mountains by changing one mind and one attitude at a time.

In This Podcast:

Sustaining a community garden that is successful for over 10 years is not an easy endeavor. In this update from repeat podcast guest, Darren Chapman, we gain insight into the organizational growth of a community garden, how they stay relevant, and continue to serve the needs of the community. Listen in for some of the challenges in the neighborhoods surrounding the community garden and how TigerMountain addresses and heals some of those disparities.

Our Guest:

Darren ChapmanDarren is a community pro-activist who has committed his life to helping people. He is Founder and CEO of TigerMountain Foundation, which has implemented Empowerment Initiatives to uplift communities and eliminate blight.
TigerMountain’s initiatives include community gardens; edible landscape development; audio, visual and performance art; plus community service and volunteerism. The gardens promote healthy living and active lifestyles by feeding, engaging and enfranchising the community.
TigerMountain’s Asset Based Community Development model was developed with the thought that everyone can and should be connected and feel a part of society. The endgame strategy is urban renewal and community restoration via participants who are encouraged to stay engaged and motivated to keep positive and develop their individual very important assets.
Darren’s motto is to change one mind and attitude at a time, encouraging all who have been touched to pay it forward, which will undoubtedly make the immediate and surrounding community and world a better place to live. He is from South Central Los Angeles and grew up in L.A. and Phoenix. He currently resides and works in South Phoenix and the Phoenix Metropolitan area.

Listen in and learn about:

    • Some of the organizational growth that happens over 4 years in a community garden
    • The 1.5 Acre Tiger Mountain Community Garden and how it’s stayed successful since 2008
    • The ways a community garden can socially help and inspire struggling individuals
    • Becoming a little better than you were yesterday
    • Intentionally addressing disparity in communities with a garden
    • Challenges for many community members who live near the community gardens
    • Strategically pruning your life the way you prune a plant
    • The foundation’s edible landscaping project as a sustainable solution to stay relevant

As well as:

His childhood memory – Having BBQs in his grandparent’s backyard surrounded by abundance.

How to reach Darren:

Website: www.tigermountainfoundation.org

Facebook: TigerMountain Foundation

Instagram: tigermountainfdn

Twitter: @TigerMountainFD

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