522: Karen Hugg on The Forgetting Flower.

Agriculturally inspired fiction with the power of a plant’s fragrance is steeped in mystery and danger.

In This Podcast:

Plants inspire most of our listeners, but Karen Hugg used her horticultural inspiration to create mystery novels that capture the magic and possibilities of new plant varieties. Exciting storylines entwine with Karen’s passion for plants as she talks about getting published and why she left the tech world to start a gardening business. Listen in to learn about her gardening experience, what she loves to grow, and how she uses that to inspire her characters.

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Our Guest:

522: Karen Hugg on The Forgetting Flower.Karen is the author of The Forgetting Flower, a literary thriller about a dangerous plant in Paris. Most of Karen’s stories are set in worlds where plants, real or imagined, affect people in strange new ways.
Born and raised in Chicago, she later moved to Seattle and worked as an editor before becoming a certified ornamental horticulturalist and master pruner. She earned her MFA from Goddard College and has been published in the Rooted anthology, Minerva Rising, Garden Rant, and other publications.
When not writing, she digs in the dirt. When not digging in the dirt, she hangs out with her husband, three children, and four pets. When not doing any of those things, she sits outside and stares at the sky.


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