485: Jolene Kuty on Abundant Holistic Harvests.

Creating a full circle food system that connects family and community.

In This Podcast:

Wholistic living has taken on a whole new meaning for Jolene Kuty! Through learning about health, she went from eating cheese infused hot dogs to working as a chiropractic physician surrounded by her half-acre urban farm. She created a full circle system using compost, chickens, mealworms, and contributions from neighbors. Hear how she engages her kids and educates with no element overlooked as she creates a thriving space that allows her to get outside and engage with the world. 

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Our Guest:

Chiropractic physician and health educator, Dr. Jolene Kuty, built an idyllic sustainable urban farm as a role model for her patients and her family.  Her home and on-site chiropractic office is surrounded by 800 sq. ft. of raised organic vegetable gardens and over 20 Urban Farm fruit trees. They live, work, and play on a half-acre in the city where their five children swing beside seedlings and are surrounded by fresh growing fruit. They eat farm-to-table sharing recipes and inspiration with all who visit. 

Listen in and learn about:

    • How Jolene transformed her half-acre Urban Farm from a blank slate 
    • How gardening allows anyone to get outside and engage in the world 
    • Kids in the garden 
    • Learning opportunities in your Urban Farm 
    • Creating engaging, healthy spaces and lifestyle 
    • Growing for the experience and the joy in seeing the cycle of plants 
    • Eating from the garden and how to use an abundant harvest 
    • Raising mealworms and their benefits 
    • Using on site, full circle elements to create a thriving garden 
    • Taking a wholistic look at your health and life habits  
    • The four pillars of movement, nutrition, hydration, and emotional wellness 

As well as: 

Her failure – Over planning her garden instead of treating it like an experiment.  

Her success – Her fruit trees and the abundant harvest that she gets from them. 

Her drive – Her and her family’s health.  

Her advice – Act now, motivation later. Don’t get stuck in the planning and go for it! Every part adds to the garden in creating the ecosystem. 

Jolene’s Book recommendations: 

Something from Nothing by Phoebe Gilman 

How to reach Jolene: 

Website: kutychiropractic.com 


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