481: Rivka Fidel on Biochar and Carbon Farming.

Building soil quality through carbon management.

In This Podcast:

Biochar can improve your soil and help the environment at the same time! We visited with Dr. Rivka Fidel from the University of Arizona to learn all about biochar and carbon farming. Listen in for how you can make it, use it, and the science behind adding it to your compost. She also shares about her journey into the field of sustainable agriculture, why it’s important for our future to create a carbon negative world, and highlights in carbon farming.

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Our Guest:

Fidel, Rivka 2Dr. Rivka Fidel is currently an Assistant Professor of Practice at the Department Environmental Science, University of AZ, teaching introductory level classes in Soil Science and Critical Zone Science. She received her PhD in Soil Science from Iowa State University and her B.S. in Environmental Science from Union College. Her research is in soil carbon and nitrogen cycling, specifically examining the efficacy of biochar for improving soil quality and mitigating climate change.

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