481 - Fidel, Rivka, on Biochar

481: Rivka Fidel on Biochar and Carbon Farming

Building soil quality through carbon management. – In This Podcast: Biochar can improve your soil and help the environment at the same time! We visited with Dr Rivka Fidel from the University of Arizona to learn all about biochar and carbon farming. Listen in for how you can make it, use it, and…

180: Brian Smith on Biochar

Greg talks to Brian Smith, a transplant to Arizona who needed to improve his gardening results and found out about biochar. Brian explains the process that was used over 2000 years ago, to transform burned wood into a long lasting organic super buffet with nutrients galore. He tells how he was so interested in the results that he took his research to the point that he can now make his own biochar in his backyard.