383: Josh Krenz on Fertilizer from Grocery Store Waste.

Reducing food waste and feeding plants at the same time.

Josh is the CEO and founder of Vivid Life Sciences, a plant physiology company offering LIFEFORCE as one of their brand products.  He knows the business of farming from both sides — from large-scale sophistication and multi-national distribution with companies like Land O’ Lakes, to boot-strapping startups.

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Farmer Josh follows his heart when tending to his Highland cattle, organizing trips to the farm for local schools and charity events, or helping with his wife’s veterinary clinic. At the same time, he calculates his path forward with a head for business and a vision to bring more sustainability and performance to plant nutrition. He has worked in the fertilizer business a long time and is focusing on trying to reduce food waste by re-purposing it into fertilizer.

In This Podcast:

He grew up on a farm, and as a teenager he thought he needed to do something more than just take care of the cows. Josh Krenz went to college, found his way into marketing, and was learning the business end of farming and multi-national distribution. Eventually he decided to refocus his priorities a little closer to home that also made a difference. He tells us about creating an organic fertilizer using grocery store waste and optimized with a specialized metrics system.

Listen in and learn about:

    • Growing up on a farm working with his grandfather and eventually looking for something more
    • Going to school and working in the advertising industry
    • Marketing to Farms from some big companies including Land O’ Lakes
    • Specializing in the fertilizer distribution
    • Appreciating some key advice from his grandfather
    • Learning many aspects of the fertilizer production process
    • The regenerative aspect of his new fertilizer company
    • The waste in America which is at astounding levels
    • Looking at pre-consumer waste as a raw material stream for fertilizer
    • How the metrics of food measurement in a grocery store connects to his fertilizer process
    • Building the ideal fertilizer product for multiple types of farmers that helps them with organic goals
    • Making products that are easy and simple for farmers to use
    • Tips on using the foliar feed properly to help your trees and gardens

As well as:

His failure – Taking on too many things at once and not having his priorities straight

His success – He is working on raising his kids with farm values

His drive – He’s just here to feed the world today – and finding better solutions to help people grow food

His advice – Start listening more in the food system

Josh’s Book recommendations:    

The Biological Farmer by Gary F. Zimmer

How to reach Josh: 

Website:  lifeforce.organic

Challenge from Greg.

Buy a bottle of LIFEFORCE 1-1-1 fertilizer, document it, and send me the results! Let me know what you think.

Producer’s Note:

Check out Josh’s guest blog post on 3 Simple Ways to be a Food Waste Warrior


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