380: Derex Zellars on Plant and Soil Health.

Studying microbiology in soil and its relationship to plant life.

Derex holds a Bachelor of Science in Environmental Sciences from The University of Texas at San Antonio.  He has over 13 years of combined experience in the fields of Environmental Microbiology, chemistry and bioremediation. He holds two patents related to these fields and one of his published a journal articles is on the studies of microalgae after herbicide treatments.

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In This Podcast:

There was no one person who set Derex Zellars on a path towards being a microbiologist, but through observing his environment that he developed his enthusiasm. He shares why soil microbiology is so fascinating to him, and why the expectations we have about using fertilizers are leading us away from the truth.


Listen in and learn about:

    • Becoming an enthusiast for the environment
    • Moving from Alabama to Texas to Arizona
    • Why our soils are becoming more depleted
    • How adding fertilizers is making the soil depleted
    • Why the NPK formula is not the perfect answer
    • How the breakdown process that provides the food for the root system
    • Our job is not to feed the plants – it is to feed the soil
    • The first step in building the complete biodiversity
    • The importance of controlling the water input
    • Actina, a Streptomyces formula
    • How to use the liquid amendment in a variety of application methods
    • Other great products with special formulas

As well as:

His failure – Not speaking up when a company was endangering his community

His success – Raising his seven-year-old daughter

His drive – Individuality, ownership, tomorrow!

His advice – To live everyday like you are dying

Journal articles written by Derex:

Co-Author of: Effect of microalgae application on soil algal species diversity, cation exchange capacity and organic matter after herbicide treatments

Derex’s Book recommendations: 

Silent Spring by Rachel Carson

How to reach Derex:          

Website: www.hykreations.com

Instagram: @hykreations_az


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