362: Alex Lewin on Kombucha and Fermented Drinks.

Experimenting with bacteria and beverages.

Alex grew up on the East Coast of the US.  In his evolving journey on the earth, he’s discovered that one of his gifts is the ability to co-exist side-by-side with friendly bacteria.  While others struggle with bacteria, Alex embraces them.

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Alex is the author of “Real Food Fermentation: Preserving Whole Fresh Food with Live Cultures in Your Home Kitchen” through Quarry Publishing, and the co-author of “Kombucha, Kefir, and Beyond” through Fair Winds Publishing.  

In This Podcast:

Having first come across this drink at a cousin’s house and thinking there was something wrong with the odd beverage, it was not until much later – and with an appreciation for fermented foods – that Alex gave kombucha a real chance.  Now he has a real understanding of the process and teaches others how to make their own. We learn some chemistry, some fun tricks for additional flavor, and even what his new favorite drink as we chat with him.

Listen in and learn about:

    • Finding kombucha for the first time at his cousins and being worried something was wrong with it
    • Tasting it later and realizing it addressed so many health questions
    • Some chemistry in making vinegar
    • The floaty thing in making vinegar and kombucha
    • Some health experiences and why there are no studies
    • The variety in recipes and creative flavors
    • Kombucha-gate and the alcohol controversy
    • The basics steps in making kombucha
    • Finding scobys
    • What to do with finished kombucha to add some more flavor

“Kombucha is a mild drinking vinegar made out of sweet tea” – Alex Lewin

    • The difference between kombucha and jun
    • One benefit of making your own food
    • Meeting Raquel and finding a friend over the appreciation of fermented drinks
    • His new favorite drink that is a pineapple wine
    • Advice on making kombucha – be realistic on how much you drink

Books written by Alex:

Alex’s Previous Podcast Episode:

357: Alex Lewin on Fermentation of Foods

How to reach Alex:

Website: feedmelikeyoumeanit.com and www.kombuchakefirandbeyond.com

Email: alex@feedmelikeyoumeanit.com


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