333: Brandi DeCarli on Farming From a Box.

Helping farmers think INSIDE the box.

Brandi is the Founding Partner of Farm from a Box, an off-grid farm system that uses modern technology to make farming more efficient, more productive, and more environmentally beneficial, all in one deliverable system. Built from a modified shipping container, it comes equipped with all of the technology needed to start and maintain a two-acre planted farm. It is specifically designed to conserve water, save energy, and help build a healthy soil. Their goal is to revolutionize local food production and enable communities around the world to grow their own nutritious food with clean technology.

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In This Podcast:

Camping with her father in a old VW Van had a much more of an impact on Brandi DeCarli than her father could have realized. Keeping everything you need for your adventure in one van/box is now what she does for new farms. She tells us how Farm From a Box got started as a way to help communities build their own farms with a tailored package of “deliverable infrastructure” in a shipping container. And there is a way that you can be a part of the project right from home.

Listen in and learn about:

  • An introduction to why she started Farm From a Box
  • More on deliverable infrastructure and what is included
  • How the box is tailored to the needs of the area
  • Venturing inside the box and what you would find
  • Solar panels for off-grid electricity
  • Being able to ship internationally
  • Working with local products if possible
  • Overcoming challenges in Tanzania to accommodate water and soil needs
  • New data tracking to help the farmer
  • “Karma” – an urban farm in Sacramento that is helping the refugee community
  • “The Spirit of Working Together” – the Tanzanian farm’s name translated into English
  • The training that comes with the box
  • The feedback that is coming from the farmers using the box, and how they are using the suggestions
  • Being efficient in the box and using camping experiences to find ideas
  • Working with World Food Program to help in other countries
  • Funding the projects and the creative ways they are campaigning for funds
  • Equity funding and how crowd-safe works HERE

As well as:

  • Her advice – Look at the farm as a whole ecosystem, and start with the soil.

How to reach Brandi:         

Website: farmfromabox.com

Facebook: Farm From a Box

Email: bdecarli@farmfromabox.com

Equity Funding: republic.co/farm-from-a-box


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