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554: Greg Peterson and Janis Norton on The Fruit Tree Program

An invitation to an online fruit tree education event. It is that time of year for the upcoming annual Urban Farm Fruit Tree Education launch. Greg Peterson and Janis Norton discuss the highlights of the Urban Farm’s 2020 Fruit Tree Program and share an invitation to the first virtual kick-off event. Listen in to learn about when and where to find the the live online event, special bundle deals, and some quick tips on the selecting the best fruit trees for your backyard.

Volunteer squash, melon, and gourds

Bonus surprises from soil experiments By Janis Norton. – What happens when you experiment in your yard? For me and my Two Peace in a Pod Urban Farm, it is an amazing bonus crop of pumpkins, squash, watermelons, sunflowers, and onions! For last several seasons, I have not been ready to do any serious new garden work since I was busy with work, and as a result…