530: The Urban Farm’s Response to COVID-19.

Addressing the significant conversations happening in the world.

In This Podcast:

The world is changing almost daily around us. With change comes new needs, focuses, and learning. Urban Farm’s Proprietor Greg Peterson and General Manager Janis Norton, discuss how The Urban Farm is adapting their programs to better support their listeners and community. This means changes to the podcast, but also new educational opportunities that will help everybody build their food resilience. Listen in to learn about past podcasts and our new daily classes that will help you start your food journey.

Chatting today:

Greg Peterson is the Proprietor of The Urban Farm and Host of The Urban Farm Podcast.  He is a green living and sustainability innovator who is well-known regionally. His mission is inspire people to embrace their own greenness, which he does daily by living what he speaks.

Janis is the General Manager and Podcast Producer for the Urban Farm. Her passion to make The Urban Farm a truly valued resource for our listeners, readers, and event participants is obvious in all that she does.



Listen in and learn about:

    • Our podcast goals, community, educational focus, and inspiration
    • How daily life is changing in the world
    • Building resiliency 
    • Upcoming changes for the Urban Farm Podcast
    • Must listen, favorite podcasts and guests
    • The new daily gardening classes to help people adjust in our changing world
    • Recent and upcoming daily gardening class topics
    • IWantToGarden.com


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