Farmer Greg under a tree

593: Exploring the Seven Layers of a Food Forest

Gardening tips, tricks, and advice, in short bite-size episodes – Greg invites Crystal Stevens on our show to illustrate the seven dense layers of a food forest and the important role each layer provides to an ecosystem. From the top canopy layer to the microbes under the soil, Crystal points out how…

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558: Jason Johns on Saving Our Bees

Creating a relationship with tiny garden workers. Bees are a vital resource for the existence of ecosystems, yet their habitats are threatened everyday. Jason Johns is the author of several books, including his new book Save Our Bees, which shares valuable insights on how home gardeners can enhance bee populations. Listen in to learn about the importance of biodiversity, planting native flowers, urban impacts, and the inspiration behind Jason’s new book.

How to “Level Up” Your Garden by Choosing the Right Seeds

How to “Level Up” Your Garden by Choosing the Right Seeds –by Tayler Jenkins of Urban Farm University. Are you choosing the BEST seeds for your garden? How do you know? Is it because they’re organic, heirloom, or non-GMO? What if I told you that you can grow fruits and veggies even more nutritious, delicious, and resilient than those from your favorite seed catalog… without spending a dime?

448: Luke Allen on True Breeding Seeds

Stewarding future crops through considerate cultivation and harvesting of seeds. — In This Podcast: In the pursuit of resetting his health, Luke Allen took a four-day fasting journey and ended up taking his life in a new direction.  Eventually he resettled, started growing food, and seeds! With his experience as…