546: Neal Bringe on Creating a New Squash.

Playing with seeds and making history.

In This Podcast:

When you treat your space like a nature sanctuary, sometimes you get botanical surprises! Neal Bringe teaches us about a new variety of Christmas Squash and the conditions he created to cross two varieties of squash to create this beautiful new vegetable that is pleasing to the eye and mouth. Also learn more about growing in Colorado, working with nature so your land comes alive, and allowing plants to go to seed so your garden regenerates itself each year!


Our Guest:

546: Neal Bringe on Creating a New Squash.

Neal is a dedicated listener we invited on the show after learning he has developed a beautiful new variety of squash.  Having a PhD in Food Science, and active in his community and church in Elizabeth CO, Neal works with a mind to educate and provide for his family by creating gardens for produce and butterflies.  His photos have earned him multiple awards, and it was by sharing photos of his recent squash crop that we are able to see just how cool it is to create new varieties in our own gardens. 

Listen in and learn about:

    • Turning his space into a botanical nature sanctuary 
    • Working with native plants and weeds in your garden 
    • Growing in Colorado and overcoming climate challenges 
    • How he came up with a new squash variety 
    • The properties of Christmas Squash and how to use it 
    • Other plants Neal is creating 
    • The evolution of seeds in your yard from year to year 
    • Stewarding your land so it comes alive 
    • Creating an environment for kids to learn in your garden 

As well as: 

His failure – Mowing his lawn and battling weeds instead of treating it like a pasture and letting nature garden for him. 

His success – Helping his children and others learn about nature. 

His drive – Using his gardening knowledge to connect with the Creator and share his learnings.  

His advice – Build houses, plant gardens, create community, and you’ll be blessed. 

Books written by Neal 

“Butterflies and Moths Pour Out Speech”

“Gardens Pour Out Speech”

“All Creatures Pour Out Speech – Testimonies of Wisdom” 

Neal’s Book recommendations*: 

The Art of God: the Heavens and the Earth by Ric Ergenbright 

How to reach Neal: 

Website: creationspeech.com 

Twitter: @CreationSpeech  

Instagram: CreationSpeech



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