545: Matt Provost on Student Farming.

Growing food and sharing it with a campus community.

In This Podcast:

College isn’t always the time people choose healthy eating, but Matt Provost, the student farm manager for the University of Wisconsin Madison is bringing free fresh produce to the students on campus. Listen in to learn how they set up and fund the farm, support other campus programs, and educate others about farming. Matt also discusses some of the epic moments on the farm and how they adapt growing seasons to the school semesters. If only every college offered this experience!

Our Guest:

545: Matt Provost on Student Farming.Matt is involved with a student organization called FH King Students for Sustainable Agriculture at the University of Wisconsin. He is one of two farm directors running the one-acre student farm on campus. They grow all sorts of vegetables, as well as fruit trees, berries, and hazelnuts. Every Friday during the growing season they harvest produce in the morning then truck it back to campus, set up a farm stand, and give the harvest to the student community for free. Matt is studying Landscape Architecture and very interested in permaculture, regenerative agriculture, and enhancing local food systems. He wants to work at the intersection of eco-restoration & agriculture and believes we can feed ourselves healthier food while providing habitat for all of the creatures that we share the land with.

Listen in and learn about:

    • The FH King program and FH King’s work in soil science and agricultural inventions
    • How they set up and fund the farm as well as what they are growing on the student farm
    • Matt’s epic moment on the farm
    • Create a structure for the farm’s success knowing students have limited time before they graduate
    • The other campus activities that the FH King program supports
    • Campus farming and how they adapt growing seasons to the semesters 

As well as:

His failure – Having a strong plan, but not easily adapting the plan as challenges came up.

His success – The last growing season and having success with most plants.

His drive – A love for all the earth has to give.

His advice – Don’t get overwhelmed by large tasks, just take them one step at a time.

Matt’s Book recommendations*:

Ishmael by Daniel Quinn 

Hippie Food by Jonathan Kauffman 

How to reach Matt:

Website: FHKing.org 

Email: matt.provost18@gmail.com  




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