426: Camille James on Organic Farming in Hawaii.

Living off grid on a remote section of a Pacific island.

Camille is a certified Clinical Nutritionist & public speaker living in Kauai, Hawaii.  She has sixteen years’ experience in web design, e-commerce development, and social media marketing. And prior to moving to the island she was the owner of a juice bar and Volunteer Coordinator for a CSA in Bellevue, Nebraska.

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She currently lives off-grid on a 35-acre organic farm in Kauai, where her duties include design/planning, planting, harvesting, composting, grounds maintenance, landscaping, working in the nursery, and being a chicken whisperer.

In This Podcast:

Join us for our conversation with Camille James and learn how she went from working in the tech industry, to owning a juice bar, to living off the grid in Hawaii. Camille shared what it’s like living communally on an off-the-grid farm and all the different foods they grow. Tune in to hear what her day to day life looks like, why she loves it, and how her successes and failures brought her to Hawaii.


Listen in and learn about:

  • Camille’s journey to healing naturally
  • Three places to focus your healing
  • Be the change
  • What made her move to Hawaii
  • Off the grid living
  • How they run a 35-acre farm
  • What she grows
  • What meals look like on an off the grid farm
  • WWOOFing programs and how they allow you to learn to farm
  • Communal living on the farm
  • How to love without attachment and expand your skills
  • The medicinal Hawaiian chili pepper

As well as: 

  • Her failure – When you no longer fear failure, you will succeed at everything. Failures can be wonderful, and she learned that through building the juice bar and having to close it later.
  • Her success – Letting go of all her possessions and moving to the island.
  • Her drive – Food: eating it, growing it, being a nutritionist
  • Her advice – Every experience and goal require sacrifice. Know your “why” it’s worth the sacrifice.

Camille’s Book recommendations:

Hope for the Flowers by Trina Paulus

How to reach Camille: 

Instagram: ijuice4life, CamilleJames


To learn more about more about Growing Your Own Food
visit IWantToGarden.com

And to see the I’m an Urban Farmer line
visit ImAnUrbanFarmer.com

Note: You can also find these books mentioned above at one of our favorite local independent bookstores and have the satisfaction of knowing you are supporting a small business.

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