348: Megan Vollstedt on Value of a Start-up Accelerator.

Helping agricultural technology startups.

Megan is the executive director of the Iowa AgriTech Accelerator, bringing with her more than six years of experience in the startup community. She has developed a deep knowledge and understanding of best practices for managing and growing a startup from infancy.

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Outside of the office, Megan stays engaged as a member of the Young Professionals of Ames, Young Professionals Connection, and volunteers for organizations that promote the arts, health and community betterment.

In This Podcast:

Working at a startup company through the process of growing and its IPO was informative and provided Megan Vollstedt with invaluable insight for helping other entrepreneurs and startups get off the ground. She shares how having resources and mentors can help new companies find a path to a successful launch. She also explains how the program at Iowa AgTech is open to business all over to apply with their ideas for admission applications.

Listen in and learn about:

    • Working at a tech start up and seeing the process of an agriculture company grow
    • Helping a company get through its IPO
    • Knowing the process of getting a company started from idea to generation
    • What a start up accelerator and what they do at the Iowa AgriTech Accelerator
    • A bit about the process
    • Some of the resources that are provided to help a business startup successfully
    • Who is accepted to the program and when it starts
    • The types of companies that can apply
    • How accelerators help entrepreneurs
    • Corporate investors, and mentor-ship assistance that they’ve partnered with
    • One company that stood out – FarrPro and the idea that solved core issue regarding piglet raising

As well as:

Her failure – over committing herself to projects

Her success – the first cohort in the accelerator

Her drive – working with people and helping them

Her advice – Push yourself in new directions and embrace change

Megan’s Book recommendations:           

How to reach Megan:         

Website:  agiowa.com

Email:  megan@agiowa.com


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