346: Justin Ehrlich on Chinese Medicine and Nature.

Emphasizing simplicity with self-discovery.

 Drawn for most of his life to many of the mystical practices that originated in ancient China, Justin has been a California state licensed acupuncturist since 2002 and a student of the Jade Purity branch of Daoism since 2001.

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After many years of questioning the nature of reality, then using these practices to work through his own struggles, heal old wounds, and find a deeper connection to the Divine, he can attest to how powerful and transformative this path can be.

In This Podcast:

Growing up between two worlds and two lifestyles, Justin Ehrlich realized working behind a desk was not his calling. The Asian influence in his youth, and the environmental awareness he gained from his father’s business, blended naturally into a calling to be an acupuncturist.  He now seeks to help educate and empower about the connection Chinese medicine has with nature and how true healing can take place.


Listen in and learn about:

    • Growing up between city life in San Diego, and rural life in Quebec
    • The Asian influence in his youth
    • Realizing he was not cut out for working behind a desk
    • Learning about beneficial bacteria and environment health,
    • Seeing the connection to human health
    • How Chinese medicine considers us as part of nature, not separate from it
    • Regulating our health with the cycles of nature
    • How Chinese medicine uses plant metaphors of branch and root to find the cause of problems

“The goal of Chinese medicine is really a process of education and empowerment”

    • How cultivating your health can alter your DNA for yourself and your offspring
    • Dealing with the rise of autoimmune diseases, or latent diseases, in Chinese Medicine
    • The blind spots in our health, especially regarding eating and the food we put in our bodies
    • How our skin and body is much like the soil we grow food in
    • Adaptogen supplements and how they help us cope with the stressors of life
    • True healing comes from personal responsibility

As well as:

His failure – Trying to find the exact right diagnoses and exact right treatment is a daily event

His success – Any time he can grasp a deeper level of the concepts of Daoism and Chinese medicine

His drive – The suffering, which we do in so many ways that we don’t have to

His advice – Slow down, listen and consider what path you are on

Justin’s Book recommendations: 

How to reach Justin:           

Website: www.JustinEhrlich.com

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