338: Tim Intfen on Re-purposing Perishable Ingredients.

Reducing food waste in the supply chain.

Tim is the President and Co-Founder of InField Market – their mission…to reduce food waste and offer opportunity. InField Market is a unique business to business eCommerce platform that saves companies money and prevents waste.  Their market the – animal nutrition, food and beverage, nutraceutical, pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries. Their secure and free to use system features a robust real-time inventory and competitive pricing.

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Since 2004, he has worked in raw material distribution with principle manufacturers throughout the world. Tim is excited to bring InField Market as an opportunity based, game-changing solution to businesses throughout the globe.

In This Podcast:

After years of watching unused raw materials go to waste in his industry of nutraceuticals, Tim Intfen decided to do something about it. He figured out a solution that changes potential waste into back into a resource with value. He shares this unique business idea with us and tells why it can save time, money and nutrient resources. This free to use platform allows business to work together to avoid waste.

Listen in and learn about:

  • His time in selling in nutraceuticals and what he recognized with the waste issue in this field
  • He is focusing on the waste that happens before it gets to the customers
  • Product surplus and where it happens in the supply chain
  • Raw material traceability
  • How businesses can sign up to participate in the program
  • Some of the products that are listed in the program
  • Things like vitamin E and the time, energy and nutrient resources going to waste
  • How listeners can help spread this message

As well as:

  • His failure – Starting out with assumptions people would understand the project right away
  • His success – Going out on his own and starting this business
  • His drive – Being able to do what he like and knowing it is meaningful
  • His advice – Never a good time to not do what you want to do

Tim’s Book recommendations:     

Ready Player Oneby Ernest Cline

How to reach Tim:  

Website: infieldmarket.com

Facebook: InField Market


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