328: Tim Young on Growing a Farm Business.

Helping small farmers build their brands and grow their business.

Tim’s a corporate executive turned modern homesteader and founded Nature’s Harmony Farm in Georgia, produced award-winning farmstead cheese, grassfed beef & lamb, woodlot pork, and pasture raised chicken. This is where he, his wife Liz and their young daughter, milk their own cow, produced all the cheese, soap, medicine, meat and vegetables – They truly enjoy a simple life.

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Tim’s also the founder of the Small Farm Nation Academy, an online resource devoted to helping family farmers learn skills to build their farm brands, attract more customers, and grow profitable farm businesses.

In This Podcast:

A relaxing horseback ride with his wife helped motivate businessman Tim Young into the strange new world of farming. He didn’t know much about farming, but he knew a lot about marketing so he used that knowledge to help build their farmstead into a successful one with award-winning products. Not content with being the only one to succeed, he has started a project helping other farmers learn the ways to become successful themselves, and shares some of those concepts here. Free Seven Traits Download

Listen in and learn about: 

  • How he got tired of being unaware of where is food came from and jumped into a farming lifestyle
  • The horseback riding trip that triggered the jump
  • The time Lynard Skynard came and played on his property
  • Bringing his corporate marketing background to his farm
  • The right way to bring customers to you
  • Pick your demographic first
  • Value added products – making your products meet demand
  • Keeping the farm in your mind as a business
  • The farming business courses he offers for farmers
  • Seven Marketing Traits of Highly Successful Farmers
  • His podcast Small Farm Nation

As well as:

  • His failure – Bringing in outside investors and changing the vision of his company
  • His success – Beyond his wife and family, it is finding his freedom
  • His drive – Helping small farmers succeed and others to live a simpler, more self-sufficient life
  • His advice – It’s not about how much money you make, its about how much freedom you have…

Books written by Tim:

The Accidental Farmers: An urban couple, a rural calling and a dream of farming in harmony with nature

How to Make Money Homesteading: So You Can Enjoy a Secure, Self-Sufficient Life

Tim’s Book recommendations:     

Animal, Vegetable, Miracle: A Year of Food Life by Barbara Kingsolver

How to reach Tim:  

Website: smallfarmnation.com


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