303: Rodger Wasson on Farm to Table Matters.

Learning about how food gets to our tables and where it comes from.

Rodger is a graduate of Illinois State University and a food and agriculture veteran. He comes from a family with five generations of American farming in their blood.  And although he was the first to leave their Central Illinois grain and livestock farm, he’s continually works for and with farmers though-out America and around the world. He has managed State, National and International Councils and Boards for agricultural industries covering over a dozen commodities.

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Rodger is presently building a consulting firm, Idea Farming Inc., and his ‘Farm to Table Talk’ podcasts have been created for anyone interested in their individual journey within the food movement, the modern food system, and the stories behind our every bite.

In This Podcast:

Serendipity was in play when Greg waived a stranger to his table during a conference and met another farming related podcaster named Rodger WassonRodger has spent the last several decades gaining experience and contacts in a variety of farming areas, from the fields to the markets, the advertising offices to policy making ones, and many versions of radio and television as well. This has motivated him to create his podcast Farm To Table Talk to help others make connections. The theme in his life appears to be him making a difference in this community of growing food.

Listen in and learn about:

      • Growing up on a farm in Illinois, with livestock being the main reason people farmed
      • Doing a radio farm show at age 22 twice a day
      • Getting recruited to do a TV program
      • His travels through different programs and companies all working to promote and educate about raising animals
      • Changing the message on almonds
      • Working his way around to starting the Farm-to-Table Talk Podcast
      • Appreciating the nature of farmers, people who grow animals or plants
      • How Greg and Rodger met
      • More about his podcast
      • Some of his guests and the types of stories he has been able to hear
      • How he made a list when younger of 10 things he wanted to accomplish and found it recently
      • An interview that stands out to him with a pioneer that promoted farmers markets 18:37
      • The importance of community

As well as:

His failure – The time he failed to help an elected leader from being pushed out

His success – The times he could help people get elected and get some special work done, especially the work for the almond industry

His drive – being able to contribute and make a difference

His advice – Step up when you see something that needs your assistance

If you are curious about food and where it comes from, then check out his podcast

Rodger’s Book recommendations:           

Silent Spring, by Rachel Carson

The Stages of a Man’s Life by E. James Wilder

Books by Ralph Waldo Emerson

How to reach Rodger:        

Website & Podcast: farmtotabletalk.com


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